Improving patient care through knowledge
Improving patient care through knowledge

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Spinal surgery can change a person's life.

Many different operations are available for a host of spinal problems.


Thousands of spinal operations are performed every year in the UK, yet not all of them have robust and validated data collected by both the surgeon and the patient long into the future.


The British Spine Registry was set up by the British Association of Spine Surgeons to monitor the outcomes of spinal procedures, collecting valuable and insightful data, to better understand procedures and techniques and a patient’s experience and quality of life.

What is a registry?

A registry collects large volumes of clinical and patient outcome data for all who undergo particular operations. The information collected is analysed to increase the clinical understanding of an operation’s success.

The British Spine Registry (BSR) is a web-based database for the collection of information about spinal surgery in the UK.  

The BSR was established in May 2012 with the aim to improve patient safety and monitor the results of spinal surgery.

The electronic and mostly automated system enables Spinal Consultants to collect a wide remit of data on their patients for relatively little time or effort, making the registry one of the most successful platforms capturing clinical outcomes data in the UK. 

What is BASS?

The BSR is managed by BASS.  BASS is the British Association for Spine Surgeons.

BASS aims to improve spinal care throughout the UK by encouraging research, audit and good clinical practice.   It also aims to educate patients about spinal problems, the available treatments, expectations and quality of life.

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For help and support with the registry, please contact or call 0333 014 6363.

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