Improving patient care through knowledge
Improving patient care through knowledge

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British Spine Surgeons are leading the way in researching and monitoring outcomes of Spinal Procedures in the UK to provide safer, more patient focussed decisions on spinal procedures.  

Back pain affects around 80% of people in the UK at some point in our lives and we spend £48 Billion each year on medical treatment, medication, benefits and lost productivity.  There are studies claiming that those of us who suffer from back and neck disorders may have shortened life expectancies.  A recent study in Australia suggests that chronic pain leaves us vulnerable to disease and that spinal pain may indicate a pattern of poor health and poor functional ability.  It is important that UK healthcare providers take into consideration all factors about a patient in order to confidently assess appropriate treatment for individuals and to help them to have a realistic expectation of any intervention. 

In 2012, the British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS) commissioned a group of its members to establish a specialist clinical registry, the British Spinal Registry (BSR), to prospectively  collect data on patients.  The purpose of this initiative is to improve spinal care throughout the UK by encouraging research, audit and good clinical practices.  Its aim is also to educate patients about spinal problems, the available treatments, expectations and quality of life after intervention. 

The BSR operates by using a unique specialist clinical software programme, provided by British based Amplitude Clinical.  It is a cost-effective, largely automated system that is also simple and engaging for patients and of little burden to busy surgeons and their staff.  The result is a full and transparent understanding of clinical outcomes of surgery, whilst also taking into account the patient's quality of life pre and post operatively.  The BSR approach ensures that the information is reported by patients and is clinically validated to give a meaningful and honest reflection of the quality of outcomes of individual surgeons; and of the outcomes of specific spinal procedures across the UK. 

Five years of hard work and commitment from its Steering Committee and member surgeons has seen the BSR make huge and significant progress.  It is now the  largest medical Registry dedicated to spinal surgery in the UK with currently 1182 users monitoring an impressive 71 390 patients. 

Whilst BASS encourages all surgeons in the UK to use the BSR as part of their PROMs collection and good practice, its current objective is to ensure that there is an improvement in the number of procedures recorded on the BSR.

NHS Improvement will announce on Thursday 16th March at the BASS annual conference in Manchester 2017 that from April 2017 there will be financial penalties for not recording spinal surgical procedures on the BSR.


The 2016/17 British Spine Registry Report has now been published.


This year you will find year on year breakdowns of statistics, as well as new and upcoming functionality throughout the year of 2017.


Click on the file to download.

The British Spine Registry Annual Report 2016/17
BSR - Annual report - 2016-2017.pdf
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The annual British Spine Registry Report has now been published.


The report (2015 - 2016) covers objectives, key achievements, a look at the clinical data and plans for the forthcoming year.


Click on the file to download.

BSR - Annual report - 2015-2016 FINAL.pd[...]
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